How can we reach the most kids and access the most funding for school meal programs?

MealsCount is a smart tool that does the hard work for you. With MealsCount you can see if your school district is making the most of the maximizing the use of the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).

Serving meals through CEP means:

  • All students can eat breakfast and lunch free of charge
  • Schools no longer need to collect, process or verify school meal applications
  • Schools no longer need to collect fees from students, allowing more students to be served more quickly
  • Less stigma, more students participation
  • Unpaid meal debt is completely eliminated
  • Simplified operation of the most effect service models, like Breakfast After the Bell

How It Works

MealsCount is a smart tool that does the hard work for you. Just upload your CALPADS direct certification extract and answer a few additional questions and MealsCount will tell you how to make CEP work best in your school district.

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Our Goal

We’ve developed MealsCount because making sure all children have the food they need to learn, grow, and thrive is of the gravest importance.

MealsCount was built to help schools and advocates make more informed decisions about how to maximize the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) and, as a result, optimize the number of students served by universally free school meals and increase the amount of reimbursement being brought into the District. CEP is a sure way to secure and stabilize financial resources for school meals, but schools need help in making the program work at its best. MealsCount takes an innovative and proactive approach to optimizing CEP, by determining the best model of school grouping and calculating your district’s likely reimbursement.

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